Brill Communications is a full service, results-oriented boutique public relations agency that specializes in media communications. Our roster of clients, which extends across North America, focuses on the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries.

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Desia Halpin-Brill

From my first foray into the world of fashion at New York City’s FIT, I knew that PR was my calling. Armed with a degree in marketing and communications and a lifelong love of fashion, food and all things lifestyle, brill Communications was born.

From big picture to small details, fashion shows to industry events, I’m always on the move. An avid world traveller, I’m in my element crossing boarders and timezones to find the perfect stop. Whether at work or at play, I’m always on the hunt for a unique perspective to share on instagram, the best cup of coffee and the perfect shade of red lipstick.

Whether getting my start in NYC or building my dream in T.O., my vision has remained the same; to bring a creative and impactful flourish to each project our team takes on.

Greg Brill

Drawn to the water, with a knack for numbers, I help navigate the business side of brill. Equipped with a background in international trade, I provide financial know-how to help streamline business efforts.

Striving to keep us at the top of our game, I’ve got my eye on the bottom line and success of the company.

Lisa Kruger

My appetite for new challenges and experiences makes my work in PR the perfect career prescription.

A background in world exploration helps me think on a global scale when approaching a client’s needs; while studies in English have left me with an appreciation for the power of the written word.
Whether tweeted, emailed, spoken or implied, creative and impactful communication is what drives me.

Doan Nguyen

Avec un diplôme en gestion de la mode, cette industrie a toujours été ma passion.

Je suis une «foodie»  auto-proclamée – vous pouvez me trouver en train de flâner dans les nouveaux restos et bars à Toronto, où je goûte aux créations culinaires du moment.

Durant mes temps libres, j’aime aller à la découverte des quartiers et faire comme si j’étais une touriste dans ma propre ville.

Tu me trouveras
Une citation en laquelle je crois fermement : «La mode se démode, le style jamais.» – Gabrielle Coco Chanel

Michelle Lee

Being born into a Chinese family, raised surrounded in French culture, and growing up in Toronto has truly made me a product of a multi-cultural environment. Thus, a diversified mind keeps me open to everything the world has to offer.

In my exploration of cultures, I found a particular interest in fashion, which led me to try my hand in modeling, without success… But I approach life with a positive outlook. Any problem can be solved and everything is beautiful. It’s by partnering these two aspects of my personality that I found my proper place in fashion, beauty and lifestyle PR.

Raylin Miszczuk

I am a creative thinker with a great passion for ideation and design.

With a background in multimedia and Master of Arts in communication, I enjoy crafting unique graphic solutions and searching for points of similarity between different ideas.

I am driven by how visuals we see every day whether in the streets, online or in print can influence, persuade or even entice us.

Rachael Montgomery

I walk a fine line between free spirited bohemia and a few intrinsic Type A tendencies. Creative in work and play, I am a lover of fashion and all things leopard print –especially on my feet. As an avid reader, I’m always on the prowl for provocative ideas and profound sentiments.

A tenacious spirit, a love of writing and a passion for clothes found me eventually kicking down the door to fashion PR. Dry witted and ever the extrovert; I enjoy a collaborative environment where I can exercise both creative and analytical ideas. A thirst for competition, whether under the gun for a pithy cutline or combing the city for a vintage bargain, I’m always up for a challenge – try me.

Sherrill Filippelli

I’m a mother of 2 who would rather DIY than buy. I thrive on the satisfaction of seeing a project from start to finish. Working in public relations gives me that same feeling. Whether for a small start-up with a greed roots campaign or a national brand with a large budget, being on the team behind a launch thrills me.

I love to have a full plate, both literally and figuratively. PR agency life feeds this love just perfectly! Navigating the ever-changing trends and developments in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries ensures I’m constantly learning and engaged in a field that excites me. Being enthusiastic about PR allows me to give our clients the best possible results.