Hump Day How To Lace Trim Skirt

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Today on the brill blog we are delighted to have a guest DIY blogger, Jenelle from Nelle Creations!

DIY Lace Trim Skirt

Before & After: I brought this skirt and hemmed it a bit shorter thinking I would like, but in the end I really didn’t! So when I was at my local fabric store I spotted a ton of lace trim on sale for 40% off – it was perfect!

 photo DSC_0309_zps1e65b2b1.jpg
What you need: Skirt & Lace trim
 photo LaceBottomMaxi_zps52416675.jpg
Take your lace and lay it out along the hem of your skirt. Pin if needed.
 photo DSC_0313_zps5f7291f2.jpg
Leaving a bit of the lace over the edge of the skirt place the lace directly on the hem of the skirt and sew following the hem line of the skirt to keep a straight line.
 photo DSC_0315_zps001f6490.jpg
With that extra bit of lace you left, fold it over and sew it down creating a clean finish edge. Repeat on all sides.


And there you have it, a quick and easy DIY for a perfect lace summer skirt!